Giuseppe Cammarrota (Parti vert) about environmental issues in L’Île-Bizard

Giuseppe Cammarrota, Parti vert

“I’d like to answer all your questions at once:

Yes. If I were to be elected, I’m prepared and willing to do everything within my power to protect the green spaces on Ile Bizard from deforestation and development. There are several methods worth exploring in order to protect these spaces and support projects such as the ecological flowering of the (future) old bridge. The most efficient way to move forward on such projects (as well as aiding with flood prevention) in a symbiotic and self-sustaining manner would be through the adoption of permaculture. 

Even if I don’t get elected, I stand with you.”

QUESTIONS asked by the APEVIB to the five candidates:

As the MP for Nelligan,

  • Are you ready to do everything in your power to support and accelerate the attribution of the Paysage humanisé status for the farm lands of L’Île-Bizard, which is currently under study at the ministère du Développement durable, de l’Environnement et de la lutte contre les changements climatiques?
  • Are you ready to alienate the 440 right-of-way in L’Île-Bizard, which belongs to the ministère des Transports du Québec, in order for the green spaces (parks and farm lands) that make it up to be protected, per example with a land trust or a national park?
  • Are you ready to support, financially or otherwise, the acquisition of land that holds ecological value in L’Île-Bizard in order to protect it (either with a land trust or any other way)?
  • Are you ready to support, financially and otherwise, the creation of ecological flower beds on the former L’Île-Bizard bridge once the new one will be built, where bee and butterfly friendly plants would grow and to which would be attached a sign explaining some of the ecological features of L’Île-Bizard?
  • Globally, how do you intend to protect the green spaces in the Nelligan constituency, known for their rich biodiversity, their ecological value and the environmental services they render, like reducing greenhouse gases, slowing down erosion and absorbing flood waters?

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