Major news for the West Island’s green spaces

On this 8th day of August 2019, Montreal’s mayor Valérie Plante announced the creation of the largest urban park in Canada, in the West Island of Montreal :

This park spreads over 30 square kilometers, taking a large chunk of the tip of the island as well as most of L’Île-Bizard!! (See map below) Therefore, L’Île-Bizard’s farm lands will be protected and cared for ad vitam aeternam, in addition to being protected by the Paysage humanisé status, which we are hoping to be obtained. The citizens of L’Île-Bizard do not have to worry any more about the 440 right-of-way and the ghost of the highway project going through L’Île-Bizard hanging over our heads like a Damocles sword for 40 years.

This is great news for biodiversity in L’Île-Bizard and in the West Island, as well as for the Montrealer’s quality of life! The only thing left to do now is to make sure things are done the right way, and that recreotourism is not done at the expense of the fauna and flora living in the park.
Let’s stay watchful! But happy! 😉

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