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2017 Floods: How it happened and why, and can we protect ourselves better?


When: February 27th, 7:00 pm

Where: 490 de L’Église Street, in L’Île-Bizard

Summary of the presentation

**Whispered translation into English will be available upon request**

In general, we can see a significant increase of weather or climate disasters since the 1960’s in Canada and worldwide. From 1980 to 2015, the number of natural catastrophies was multiplied by three on a global scale in a context of rapid and pronounced increases of temperature. Moreover, in Canada, the temperature warming has been more than double the global tendency observed since the 1950’s, and in the north of Canada and Quebec, it is three times higher than the global average. Over the past 25 years in Quebec only, we have had over 30 catastrophic floods (that is more than one per year).

This presentation will go over the 2017 spring floods, explaining the context in which they occurred and the global picture of the climate changes happening right now, in particular in Québec, as well as the known links between the floods and climate change. This will allow us to analyze the contributing factors, and how they can evolve and eventually generate more risks of major floods in the future, as the warming continues. In conclusion, the presentation will address realistic strategies in terms of prevention, preparation, intervention and recovery or rebuilding after the major damages incurred following the floods.

Presentators : Ursule Boyer-Villemaire et Philippe Gachon

BIOGRAPHY of the presentators

Ursule Boyer-Villemaire (PhD)

Ursule Boyer-Villemaire has a bachelor’s degree in physical geography, a master’s degree in oceanography and a PhD in environmental sciences. She is a consultant and independent researcher in environment on risk management and adaptation to climate change. She offers guidance and training to municipalities, certain ministries and individuals. She specializes in particular on the vulnerability of coastal communities in the face of climate change impact, from a geomorphological perspective as well as from the perspective of the communities’ capacity to adapt. She participated in the analysis of coastal adaptation options and the development of public policies and public security programs. She created the portal Surveillance Côtière Québec in order to contribute to citizens’ science. She worked with the municipality of Rigaud and its residents following the 2017 floods (per example, by offering options to prevent, adapt and plan).

Philippe Gachon (PhD)

Philippe Gachon teaches hydro-climatology at the department of geography and is a researcher at the ESCER centre (Étude et Simulation du Climat à l’Échelle Régionale) at UQAM, as well as the research chair on hydro-meteorological risks related to climate change. Mr. Gachon obtained his PhD in 1999 in Environment sciences at UQAM and did a post-doctorial internship at the Institut Maurice-Lamontagne (Fisheries and Oceans Canada) between 1999 and 2002. From 2003 to 2014, Mr. Gachon was a scientific researcher at the Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis, where he analyzed storms and extreme climate events, and developed regional climate scenarios and evaluated disaster risks related to climate change.

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In the context of a conference on extreme climatic events, like the spring floods, hosted by Philippe Gachon, teacher at UQÀM’s geography department, the APEVIB invites you to submit your best photos of the 2017 spring floods. The exhibition will take place on the evening of the conference, October 20th, in the Boileau room of the Centre socioculturel (490 montée de L’Église).

The pictures will be printed in large format. The exhibitors will be able to keep them after the exhibition. A contract will be signed between the exhibitors and the APEVIB.

Send us your best photos in 300 dpi format at:

Include in your message:

  • your full name
  • your full address
  • a description for each photo (including where it was taken)

Maximum of 5 pictures per person. Professional photographers and candidates to the municipal elections will not be able to submit photos.

A committee composed of APEVIB members will select about 20 pictures that will be printed in large format for the exhibition.

For more information, visit

Deadline: October 12th



Learn how to grow your own sprouts and mushrooms!

Learn how to grow your own sprouts and mushrooms, while sampling fresh produce from the farm! Welcome to the whole family!

In collaboration with Les Racines de L’Île, Jardins Mycorhize and Terre promise.

September 24th | Chemin Wilson (look for the radish sign!), Île-Bizard

12 pm to 3 pm: Harvest season sampling from the agricultural cooperative Les Racines de l’Île.

12 pm: Grow your own sprouts and eat fresh all winter!

1 pm: Grow your favourite mushrooms at home!  Opportunity to bring back mycelium to start your own culture!

Entrance to the site: suggested contribution of $10*

* No one is turned away for lack of funds. A free subscription to the APEVIB will be offered to anyone contributing $10 or more.

The tea bag test!

This summer, the Association took part in a worldwide initiative by researchers in ecology at the Deakin University, in Australia, following a suggestion from our allies Sauvons L’Anse-à-l’Orme. It was an exciting adventure!

The project is called the TeaComposition H2O – Global Aquatic Litter Decomposition Initiative. The research consists into measuring the impact of climate, floods and other factors on the decomposition of the aquatic litter, therefore, on the carbon cycles and the greenhouse gas emitted by this environment. This is advanced scientific research aimed at better understanding the complex dynamics of climate change.

The soil samples are collected using tea bags! Indeed, the tea – which we dried in advance – will absorb the liquid in the ground. We will then collect the bags after 3, 6, 12, 24 and 36 months to send them to the Deakin University for analysis.

So, two teams of APEVIB volunteers, composed of Emily Brown (biologist), Michela Artizzu (trained in inventory and research in biology), David Kalant (biochemist) and Marie-Chantal Scholl (coordinator for the APEVIB) went this summer in the Parc-nature du Bois-de-L’Île-Bizard and the Parc-nature du Cap-Saint-Jacques à L’Île-Bizard to plant tea bags in the wetlands, with both feet and hands in the mud!

We are very excited to be part of this worldwide project, which reminds us that this beautiful island is part of the planet’s ecosystems!

So, if you come across the orange flags, think about us, the tea bags and our neighbors in Australia!


A million thanks to our volunteers and many many thanks to Ira Tanya Handa, teacher at the biology department of UQAM, for lending us her lab!

August 6th workshops

Thanks to everyone who came to the workshops last Sunday, and thank you to our partners Dave (Cycles recyclés Dave) and Benoît (Ferme Bord-du-Lac) for the enjoyable and instructive workshops on bike repair and the use of ramial chipped wood (RCW) in the garden. It was a beautiful day!

Atelier sur l’utilisation du bois raméal fragmenté au jardin donné par Benoît Girard, agronome de la Ferme Bord-du-Lac

Atelier de réparation de vélo avec Dave des Cycles Recyclés Dave

Atelier de réparation de vélo avec Dave des Cycles Recyclés Dave

SUMMER ACTIVITIES 2017 : Nature and permaculture!

The APEVIB (Association pour la protection des espaces verts de L’Île-Bizard) is proud to present to you its Summer program for 2017. We are inviting you and your family to a series of discovery activities from July 30th to September 24th.

Take a walk in the farm fields with the farmers and taste fresh produce from Île-Bizard. Learn to make a garden that is fruitful and in harmony with your environment, learn to grow your favourite mushrooms and sprouts, and how to make basic repairs to your bike!

Next activity:
July 30th | Chemin Wilson (look for the radish sign!), Île-Bizard

1 pm: Guided tour of the agricultural cooperative Les Racines de l’Île and sampling of the farm’s products.

2 pm to 4 pm: Workshop on applying permaculture to the garden, including identification of edible wild plants, in collaboration with Jardins Mycorhize et Terre Promise (artisanal seed farmer).

Entrance to the site: suggested contribution of $10*

These workshops will be given in both languages if needed.

We look forward to sharing these moments with you!

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The APEVIB (Association pour la protection des espaces verts de l’Île-Bizard) is currently looking for biologists and/or chemists to take part in the TeaComposition H2O Initiative, a worldwide study led by researchers from the Deakin University, in Australia. The study aims at studying the long-term litter decomposition and hence the long-term C dynamics, and its key drivers both in terrestrial-based and marine ecosystems. Additionnally, the project offers the possibility to test soil samples. These are key indicators of climate change and pollution in the mid- and long-term.

For more info about the project, visit :
This is a unique opportunity to take part in a worldwide fight against climate change!
In short, the process consists in inserting tea bags in the soil and letting them incubate for 6 months to 3 years. The samples are then sent to the Blue Carbon Lab in Australia for analysis.
The APEVIB is looking to form one or two teams made of two or three people in order to proceed to the installation and retrieval of the tea bags in Ile-Bizard’s wetlands, as well as various data gathering (temperature, water levels, sample weight, GPS coordinates, etc.).
This will necessitate about 10 hours (spread over two days) of your time this summer, that is for a meeting, a few emails and a day for preparation/installation. Same thing for the retrieval of the bags, so about 10 hours next Spring, with the same people or different. More details will be given to participants.
If you are chemist or biologist, or you know people with such skills and knowledge, please, write us an email at
Thank you in advance for your help!

Earth Day 2017

APEVIB members held a table at Île-Bizard’s grocery store for the Earth Day, April 22nd. This allowed us to talk with many locals and to make ourselves known. We stayed until we ran out of flyers and stickers. We also handed out buttons and collected funds. A real success!

Thanks to everybody whom we talked with about the island’s green space conservation and related issues. We are also very grateful for your generous donations!

Special thanks to Danielle for the banner and the stickers, and to Mathieu Guimont, co-owner of the grocery store.

Warm thanks to the clerk who was so generous with his tips!